Undergraduate Admissions

Home-schooled Students



Soka University acknowledges that students may have completed their secondary education through a home schooling path. We are committed to helping students and families navigate the admission process.

How do I apply as a home schooled student?

You may apply using one of our three application methods that can be found on our How to Apply webpage.


What do I need to submit with my application?

It is recommended that you contact one of our admission counselors to learn about specific steps in your Admission process. Home school students will generally follow the same admission checklist as First Year Students or First Year International Students.


Do I need to take the GED?

Home school students are encouraged to provide a transcript of the GED with their application. Although not required at time of application, providing a transcript of the GED with your application can provide additional academic context to the admission committee.  

Applicants who are admitted to Soka University will need to provide a transcript of the GED prior to orientation and registration.

Students in an accredited home school program may not need to provide a transcript of the GED and should contact the Office of Admission at admission@soka.edu.


Do I need to provide official transcripts?

Yes, home schooled applicants must submit official transcripts. If the program is an accredited home school program, the published curriculum is required as part of the review process. Coursework taken at a traditional high school or at the college-level are also required. Otherwise, students must submit an official transcript that outlines the home school curriculum.

The transcript should include:

- Course titles

- Duration of study

- Description of course content

- Grades or narative assessment(s)

Providing as much detail and information possible will provide additional academic context to the admission committee. Reading lists, methods of instruction and or syllabi's can be included.