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Benefits of the Liberal Arts



Liberal arts colleges carry on a tradition that is more than two thousand years old dating back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle. The liberal arts free us from superstition and opinion, helping the liberal arts student begin the climb to knowledge. In particular, the liberal arts seek to help the student gain an understanding of the natural or physical world around us and of those things that beautify and ennoble life, including literature and the creative arts. Above all, the liberal arts assist the student in his or her pursuit of knowledge of the most important human questions, including what is the best way of life and what is a just society.

The goal of the liberal arts is to educate human beings who are thoughtful in speech and deed. Providing a well rounded education, the liberal arts prepare students for graduate work in many fields and for careers including business, diplomacy, medicine and teaching. The study of the liberal arts adds the human dimension to all areas of specialization, laying the foundation for global citizenship and preparing the student for effective dialogue with people from around the world and from many different cultures.

At the heart of the liberal arts is an ongoing conversation between teacher and student, elevating both to learners in the exploration of all things about which human beings can attain knowledge. Classes at Soka University of America are small, creating an environment where students are encouraged to interact with their faculty and where the faculty view the education of students as their priority. This is only fitting as the liberal arts were founded in an environment of dialogue and exchange between student and teacher, an inspiration that forms and informs a Soka education.

Every undergraduate at SUA graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, which has qualified our students for graduate school in such diverse fields as law, education, economics, statistics, urban planning, psychology, diplomacy, environmental studies, mathematical finance, international development studies, international education policy, international studies, conflict analysis and resolution, Japanese language and literature, Latin American politics and human rights, environmental legal studies, history, peace studies, East Asia regional studies, public affairs, sociology, anthropology, entertainment industry management, second and foreign language education (TESOL), creative writing, screenwriting, literature, global affairs, art education and medicine (with extra science classes.) 

SUA is proud of the fact that over 80% of our undergraduate students graduate in four years (compared to a national average of 61% at private colleges), and that over 30% of our graduates have been accepted to graduate schools at many prestigious universities, including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Stanford, USC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCI, Georgetown, Columbia Teacher's College, University of Hawaii Law, Cornell, Duke, Boston, NYU, Cambridge and London School of Economics.

Where can a Liberal Arts degree from Soka University take you?  Many places!