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    Undergraduate Admission Checklists

    • First-Year students

      • First-year students are also known as domestic students. You will use the first-year admission checklist if you are:

        • a US citizen
        • a US permanent resident
        • an undocumented or DACA status student

    • First-Year International students

      • First-year international applicants are also known as international students. You will use the first-year international admission checklist if you are:

        • not a US citizen or US permanent resident
        • currently or planning to study in the United States on a current active visa

    • Information is also available for Homeschooled students and Undocumented/DACA status students

    Graduate Admission Checklists

    • All students

      • The MA Program checklist for Graduate Admission may be used for Domestic and International applicants.


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